U-Select Buying Guides: Merrychefs

By Phil Scoble

Accelerated Ovens have transformed catering over the last ten years – improving the quality of quick-service food and helping businesses increase turnover through faster service.

Cafes, coffee shops, and larger establishments like pubs and restaurants have utilised them to speed up their service and often to add a quick lunchtime service for the grab and go crowd.

Accelerated ovens allow high speed service that guarantees consistency as well as speed – the holy grail for cafe and shop owners needing to boost productivity and profitability.
Merrychef has been at the forefront of this revolution – they have been the main equipment partner of Subway’s rise to world domination – but their product range can help lots of different types of businesses in different ways.

So here at U-Select, we’ve produced this handy guide to help you choose which of their main two products – the E2S or E3 – is right for your business
If you want to buy a Merrychef accelerated or rapid  cook oven, but don’t know which model to pick, we’re here to help. 

Merrychef has built its reputation by combining different cooking technologies. The E3 uses microwave and convection and the E2S combines convection, microwave and impingement (directed jets of hot air).  

Below, I’ll outline some pieces of information that will allow you to decide what machine you need…

1: With a Merrychef, It’s not about size!

Size doesn’t matter with Merrychef products because all the machines are designed to prepare food to order, efficiently. The key is what you are producing and how fast you need it. 

Light or frozen foods that you don’t need lightning fast?

Are you serving very light foods, pastries or regenerating chilled or frozen food for customers who sit and wait for their food? Then a Merrychef E3 is the one for you. 

Need food cooking in lots of different ways and need it FAST?

Do you want to serve a lot of diferent types of food? Will they require more than just one type of cooking method to serve? If you want to serve pizzas, pasties, or pies, for example, then the E3 might not be the best choice for your business. Also if your customers wait for their order without sitting down, then choose the Merrychef E2S. When speed is your main concern, the E2S is the best option because the full power version is 22 times faster than normal cooking methods.

2: Power considerations

On both the E3 and the E2S, power is an important consideration before you buy. Both come in a standard power versions, with a 13amp plug. But they also are available in a high-powered 16amp three phase or 32 amp single phase model. The high-powered versions come with two magnetrons. A  magnetron makes microwaves. This means cooking times and heating up times are much quicker. 

3: Extraction-Free Operation

You can get a catalytic converter with either of these machines. This means you don’t even need extraction to use them. But be warned – you must clean the converter at least once a month, or you will find yourself setting off fire alarms! Read the manufacturer advice and make sure you clean it as they instruct. 

4: If you are unsure, go see a Merrychef in action! 

Merrychef have a lot of demonstration days around the country – so give us a call and we can book you into one if you aren’t sure which model is right for you

Our advice

If you don’t need speed, the E3 is a very good value addition to your business if you don’t need very fast production. Its still quicker than conventional ovens and it’s easy to use.
But if you need speed, then the E2S is definitely the one for you. It costs more, but it will boost profits if you get your offer right. This is because you can produce LOTS of food very quickly to order, boosting your service and reducing wastage too.
Merrychef Eikon e2s

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