U-Select Buying Guides: Freezers

By Phil Scoble

Freezers are vital parts of any kitchen, but how do you choose the perfect freezer for your business? In this blog we outline the questions you should be answering to help you choose the best chiller for  you. 

1: What space do you have? 

A basic question, but one which many people fail to properly answer. The question is not just what space you have in your kitchen, but on the way to the kitchen? How wide are the doorways on the way to the kitchen? Are there any awkward stairways or other obstructions from where it will be delivered to its final home? Check measurements against  the dimensions of a unit before you buy: you may be liable for delivery charges if the unit doesn’t fit

2: Do you need a vent on the top or bottom of the fridge? 

This is an important consideration for certain types of business. Bakeries often have flour and other ingredients in the atmosphere. They benefit from having top vents on their freezers, as they are less likely to get clogged. which can make them more inefficient as it puts pressure on the compressor. 
But, as heat rises, a low down vent will help your freezer be more efficient, because the compressor won’t heat up so much. If you don’t have a dusty atmosphere that will clog the vent, this is what you need. 

3: What climate class do you need?

Look out for the climate class rating of the freezer. Class 4 guarantees to hold its temperature up to 32 degrees celsius. This is not really good enough for a fully operational commercial kitchen. If you need your freezer in the kitchen, consider a Class 5 freezer, which guarantee temperatures up to 45 degrees

Conclusion: Our advice

Measure, measure and measure again before you click ‘purchase’! There are often problems fitting a large freezer through difficult doorways, stairways and entrance halls. If you are in doubt, give us a call and we can talk you through the options if you have a tricky site or need more storage than you can fit into your kitchen.
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