Rational Vario Cooking Centres: Catering Equipment Review Show

By Phil Scoble

The Vario Cooking Centre from Rational is a trailblazer. Just like the combi ovens which the company helped popularise in the 1970s, the Vario Cooking Centre is a product which is opening up new possibilities in catering. Using multiple cooking techniques, this premium bit of kit is helping caterers streamline their processes and reducing their kitchen footprint. 

What does the Vario Cooking Centre do?  

The Vario Cooking Centre is a sophisticated bratt pan, allowing you to shallow and deep fry, boil, stew, and even (with the right model) pressure cook. This means you can reduce the amount of appliances you need, reducing the size of your kitchen.

Who is the Vario Cooking Centre for? 

The VarioCooker is perfect for larger scale caterers who want to streamline their production process, and make their catering infrastructure smaller without losing any capacity. 

How does it perform?  

Despite being around since the late 1980s, the Vario Cooking Cedntre’s development has accelerated over the last five years thanks to Rational’s investment. 

This means that it is a very versatile and impressive piece of kit. It’s pans feature a series of individual heating elements which are individually controllable. What this means, coupled with Rational’s clever control panels, means this is a totally different cooking experience than traditional bratt pans.

You can fry off an egg, bacon and mushrooms in the same pan at different temperatures so they all finish at the same time, with the controls telling you when the food is done. 

You can then quickly clean out the pan and fill it with water  – through the integrated water tap – and cook pasta in it. You could then fill the pan with oil and deep fat fry in it. That’s the key to the Vario Cooking Centre: its versatility and efficiency. 

Some models even have pressure cooking as an option, adding another type of cooking to your armory. 

The Vario Cooking Centre  range, which start from dual pan models to large 100 litre pan versions, are premium kit but they can transform the way you produce food and replace up to three bits of kit with just one, super efficient piece of kit. So if you chop and change how you cook each day, and want to streamline how you produce your food, then a Vario Cooking Centre could be for you.


The Vario Cooking Centre range is a versatile powerhouse piece of kit that will help you create a more efficient kitchen in terms of time but also in terms of energy used. It could also significantly reduce the amount of extraction you need by reducing the number of bits of equipment in your kitchen.

It is a big investment, but this bit of kit will change your kitchen and the way you approach food production. 

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