Parry Countertop Fryers Review

By Phil Scoble


A fryer is one of the basic elements of virtually all professional kitchens. If you want to expand your cafe or coffee shop menu, adding a fryer could be a simple and quick way of doing that. But when space is an issue, what can you do? 

Add a countertop fryer, that’s what. 

Parry are a British manufacturer who aim at the budget end of the market with much of their equipment. They want to help cafes, coffee shops, pubs and small restaurants get the kit they need without breaking the bank. 

How does its range of countertop electric fryers match up to the needs of its customers? 

What are Parry Countertop Fryers?

This is a range of countertop electric fryers designed to fit into small businesses quickly and easily – some even come with a 13amp plug! The fryers are either single or double wells, and all tanks in this range are 9 litres. There are single and double well in 3kW, 6KW and 9kW. The more power a unit has the quicker it will return to temperature after you put food in, speeding up cooking times. 

Only the 3kW machines come with a plug, the rest in the range will require hard wiring. 

What does the Parry Countertop Fryer range do?

These fryers are small, intended to give businesses extra capacity if they already have fryers, or give them the opportunity to add some fried items to their offer. They are small, easy to install and relatively inexpensive. However, they should not be used for large scale catering, except as an additional machine to give a bit of extra capacity. 

Who is the Parry Countertop Fryer range for?

These are fryers for businesses that don’t have the space for a freestanding fryer. They are perfect for small cafes and coffee shops, and pubs and restaurants looking to boost their capacity. They make the most sense in smaller establishments that haven’t the space for a free standing fryer. 

How does the Parry Countertop Fryer range perform?

These are simple machines with thermostats, timers and on/off switches. Parry makes simple, hard-wearing machines and these are no exception. They have a batter plate in the machine to keep the oil as clean as possible, but as they are such small machines they should be easy to maintain and clean. The heating element is totally removable in every machine, so it’s super easy to keep them squeaky clean. 

These are small, versatile machines, but the higher the electrical rating the better they will perform under pressure. So it depends on how much you are planning on using your new fryer: if you are looking to add chips to every meal and serve 50 meals an hour, the 9kW machines will be best for you. If you are producing less, then maybe the 6 or 3 could work. 

The dual machines have the bonus that they allow you to avoid contamination, so you can cook meat or fish in one and keep the other for vegetarian or vegan dishes. You could have a single well machine as a dedicated vegetarian machine, or just to boost capacity. 

The dual well machines also allow you to have higher capacity at peak demand times, but then switch off one of the wells to save electricity at busy periods. 


This range will allow small businesses to add a fried option to your menu, or to boost your main meals with chips.

We advise getting the strongest power you can to speed up recovery times and speed up your service, but for these machines you will need a qualified electrician to install them. If you have a small concern, get professional advice about ventilation in your premises before installing any catering equipment. 

These machines are small, great value for money and easy to care for. If you need a small fryer, they are a good buy. 

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