Interlevin Multidecks: The U-Select Catering Equipment Review Show

By Phil Scoble

Interlevin multidecks are top quality pieces of kit that give you a new weapon in your sales armoury to build sales. We’ve already covered all of Interlevin’s display refrigeration in another review and video, but we wanted to cover the multidecks they create in a more detailed post. 

What do Interlevin Multidecks do?

We wanted to create a special review of the multidecks for a couple of reasons: there are so many options to choose from, and they are such a unique part of the Interlevin range. 

Multidecks are display fridges designed to be accessed by the public, showing off your food and drink offer attractively. This streamlines the buying process for many cafes and coffee shops, letting customers just ‘grab and go’ with ease. 

The Interlevin range begins with units just one metre wide, and go up to units nearly 2 metres wide. The models include tall units more than 6 feet in height, and smaller unis designed for cafes and restaurants.

Most of these units are climate class category 3 or climate class category 4. Class 4 guarantee the temperature of its interior up to an ambient temperature in the room it’s housed in of 32 degrees Celsius, climate class 3 only guarantee up to 25 degrees.  

Who are they for?

These bits of kit are for cafes, shops and coffee shops who want to get refrigerated food and drink into the hands of their customers more easily, increasing profit and reducing pressure on their own servery. Which style you choose will depend on your premises, but there are lots of different styles to choose from. These units are there to show off the best you have to offer and boost sales as a result. 

How do Interlevin Multidecks perform? 

These are top quality pieces of equipment. Interlevin have a great reputation and these are no different. You can choose between an open multideck for ease of use, or go for one with slide doors which are very good for aiding energy efficiency. 

The units’ climate class does affect how you should use them. As we said above, they are climate class catergory 3 and 4. This means that they can’t live anywhere that is particularly warm, but it also means their compressors can’t change temperature quickly. So if you are storing items in them that you want to be served to customers immediately, make a plan for how you are going to chill the food and drink before you put it on display. These units won’t get them down to temperature quickly, so you need to think ahead.

The other thing to remember is if the unit is going to be freestanding or visible from three or more sides, look to getting a unit with glass sides. This will allow more customers to see into the unit and be tempted by the contents! 


A multideck is a fantastic addition to many cafes and coffee shops. One can significantly boost sales, and, because the unit allows customers to come and go quickly, this boost will rarely be at the expense of your other income streams. 

Interlevin is an established brand, with a good track record of making high-quality equipment for some of the biggest names in hospitality and commerce. 

As a result,  we feel you can trust these bits of kit to help you boost your sales quickly and easily. 

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