Interlevin Display Fridges and Freezers: Catering Equipment Review Show, Season 2

By Phil Scoble

Interlevin are a well established company who produce some of the world’s best refrigeration and work for top retail clients and national supermarket chains.

What do Interlevin Display Fridges and Freezers do?  

Display refrigeration is there to encourage more sales whilst keeping your food safe and within legal temperature ranges. The machines have to look good, make your food or drink look good, and maintain temperature in challenging conditions. 

Who is the range for? 

These machines are for public-facing applications, so cafes, coffee shops, pubs and restaurants that want to show off what they offer to entice sales. 

How do Interlevin Display Fridges and Freezers perform?  

Interlevin are a great brand, and make great quality equipment. These are hard-wearing units that look great and will make your food and drink look even better.  There are lots of size options, from countertop freezers for ice cream through to upright fridges for groceries and bottles. Bottle coolers, ‘moneymaker’ grab and go units and drinks fridges with doors for efficiency – they have the lot.  

It’s important to note, however, that these are all Climate Class Category 4 or 3. This means they guarantee to maintain their temperature up to 32 degrees celsius for cat 4 and under 30 degrees for cat 3. This is fine for most front of house applications, where these are going to be deployed. It’s important to remember that this might also make these slow to chill your foods or drinks, so if you are filling them and expecting the items to be immediately available to the public, it might be wise to think about pre-chilling them elsewhere before you put them on display.

Interlevin have a good reputation for quality, and we find it’s well justified. We send out a lot of their units and have a very low call out rate for breakdowns and failures.


Interlevin is a great brand that made its name in display refrigeration. Its products are:

  • solid
  • well  built
  • easy to use

It also helps that many of them are great to look at too. All in all, these are fantastic pieces of equipment and will help your business to succeed by putting your wares on display to thirsty and hungry customers! 

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