Hoshizaki IM Ice Machines Review

By Phil Scoble


Ice machines are one of those items that perform day in and day out – you don’t consider them or hardly notice they’re there. Until they break or you don’t have access to them – THEN you notice them. One of the market leaders is Hoshizaki – so we’re looking at their range of machines: the IM range.

What are Hoshizaki IM Ice Machines?

These machines make ice cubes that are of particularly good quality because of the way the machines make them. Rather than running water over a cooled plate (the normal method) the machines spray water up into a cooled mold to form the cubes, giving them a denser structure that lasts longer in the drink.

There are environmentally the greenest ice makers that Hoshizaki have ever made – the refrigerant (the gas that circulates from the compressor to take away the heat) is less harmful to the environment than most and is also more efficient at cooling.

The smaller machines start at 700mm high, so should fit under a bar or countertop, but the big ones can be double that height, so measure your premises carefully before clicking buy! The other important consideration is that most of these are both front and side vented, so you’ll need to make at least 50mm of space around the unit or its compressor will be working extra hard and the machine’s working life will be reduced. As ever, any machine that uses water needs to have a water softener attached.

What do Hoshizaki IM Ice Machines do?

The machines make ice cubes that are crystal clear (one of Hoshizaki’s trademarks) and take extra long to melt in a drink. They are denser than normal cubes because of the way they are made and customers will notice the difference.Who is this range for?

These machines could fit into (almost) any business. The 16” inch can produce 25 12” pizzas an hour  and the 40” can churn out an incredible 200 12” pizzas an hour (or 1,600 in an 8-hour day!) If you are a cafe then the 16 inch could transform your food offer at lunchtimes with minimal impact to the rest of your production. Pubs could add this and create a whole new takeaway element to their business.

These machines come in sizes that go from producing 20 kg a day to more than 200kg a day, so there’s a machine there for everyone. These are premium machines, but they do a great job and will do so for years in most cases if you look after the machine. 

How do the Hoshizaki IM Ice Machines perform?

These are top quality, premium ice machines, that produce some of the purest ice cubes in the world. They use a clever self-cleaning cycle to make sure the cubes have no impurities in them to affect their look or the taste in the drink. This is a worldwide company and their machines have a fantastic reputation for a good reason – they perform well in lots of conditions, up to 40 degrees celsius.


These machines are well made, simple to use and their ice cubes are fantastic quality. These are at the top end of the market, but you get high quality materials, construction and a unique production method that guarantees ice quality.

Look after these machines – use a water softener and make sure there’s good clearance around the ventilation – and these machines will do you proud, no matter which size you need.

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