The Horns Pub, Gnosall, Staffordshire

Neil and Miranda Nicholls both felt that their local, the Horns Pub in Gnosall, Staffordshire, deserved better. Over the last five years they’d seen it run into the ground and gain a reputation for anti-social behaviour.

Then they got the chance to take on the lease and jumped at the chance. Neil’s experience in the hospitality industry gave them confidence they could turn the place around.

They knew what they had to do  – renovate the 17th century building, open it up and make it more welcoming, and completely revamp the kitchen.

The challenge of bringing the kitchen up to spec with their hands already full with their renovation, and their finances under pressure, meant they were delighted to discover U-Select and the brand’s Try It, Buy it offer.

Renting for a year with just three months rent as an upfront returnable deposit, Neil and Miranda could open their kitchen without a huge upfront outlay, reducing their debt burden whilst still letting them choose high-quality, new equipment.

The couple have rented refrigeration, preparation, warewashing and production equipment from U-Select and continue to add more items to their rental as the pub’s reputation grows and visitors increase.

“It’s great,” said Neil, “The Try It Buy It option worked really well for us. We can also add new equipment really easily, try it out before we buy it at the end of the contract. Because U-Select have been so good with the honest advice they’ve given we have exactly the right equipment for us and we’ll buy it at the end of our rental agreement. It’s a great way of reducing your initial spend and making sure that equipment is right for your business.”

Project Info

Purchase Option: Try it Buy it, 12 month rental contract

Equipment Supplied:

Williams Undercounter Fridge

Williams Undercounter Fridge with Servery

Robot Couple Veg Prep machine

Blizzard Bottle Fridge

Classeq Dishwasher