The Fracino Romano Range: The U-Select Catering Equipment Review Show

By Phil Scoble

The Fracino Romano is the British brand’s premium model range. It features two and three group coffee machines that have the boiler size to cope with busy busy locations. These machines can produce between 200-300 cups an hour with ease. 

Fracino builds its machines in the UK and sell all over the world. Taking on the Italian giants of coffee machine manufacture is no small task, but Fracino is doing rather well, thank you very much!

But does their top-of-the-range Romano range stack up for your business? We take a look…

What Does the Fracino Romano do?  

The Fracino Romano is a premium coffee machine. It comes in electronic and semi automatic in a two group, and in an electronic three group. The machines are all precision engineered. They are a tool great baristas will love to use.  

These machines have the highest spec and their design will give you confidence they will last. The Romano range has the features to boost the quality of your coffee. They can customise them as well, with special colour schemes and lights.  These are extras however, so if you are concerned about price, the bog-standard design is still very lovely!

Who’s the Fracino Romano Range for? 

This is a range for larger establishments who deal with big rushes on coffee. The machines are fantastic at banging through the drinks without breaking a sweat. This is a range you invest in if you have to produce 300 coffees an hour during rush hour. 

These machines are a long-term investment, but they are designed to pay you back with long and brilliant service.

How does it perform?  

The Romano is a premium product. It looks great and performs robustly. Fracino are the UK’s only professional coffee machine manufacturers. They have built a reputation on making robust machines that are easy to repair and beautiful to look at.

The Romano range is no exception. With fantastic retro styling and an optional lit back, that looks fantastic.These machines look amazing, and you will be proud to have them on display. 

Both the two groups have a 14 litre boiler and the three group have a 20 litre boiler. This is vital for businesses looking to serve lots of people quickly. Because they have such large boilers, you won’t ever run out of hot water and steam at busy times, especially with the three group. The machines could, in theory, produce up to 400 or even 600 drinks an hour, but in  reality you will be able to produce 200 – 300. That’s one drink every 12 seconds, which is pretty impressive! 

What you are buying with a Fracino Romano is peace of mind when you have a very busy coffee business. It is robust, well made and able to serve almost as many coffees as you can make with barely breaking a sweat.

As with all machines that use water, you need to ensure that you have water softening in place, or the machine could break very quickly indeed. Limescale build up in the boiler will reduce its efficiency, its capacity and your coffee will taste terrible! The machine will eventually break too. If you haven’t had water softening added, it will not be covered by the parts and labour warranty you get with the machine. So: get water softening – it’s better all round…


So the Francino Romano is a well made, British designed and built coffee machine range that will allow your business to deal with intensely busy periods with ease. This is a Rolls Royce product – an investment you won’t regret. 

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