Foster Upright Refrigeration: The U-Select Catering Equipment Review Show

By Phil Scoble

Foster area  great refrigeration brand that have a long tradition of producing high quality fridges and freezers. Upright refrigeration is the vital food storage backbone of professional kitchens across the UK. How do Foster’s stack up against the opposition?  

What does the Foster Upright refrigeration range do?  

These are the perfect mix between space maximizing your refrigerated storage these uprights add huge amounts of refrigeration storage without taking up too much space. There are three main ranges to choose from by Foster. The value Extra range, the Slimline range and the premium G2 EcoPro. All have numerous models, including single door, split door and double units.

The Extra are great value units, but are climate catergory 4, which means the machines will maintain their internal temperature in ambient temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius. The G2 and Slimline are both climate class category 5.  This means they guarantee these models will maintain their internal temperature in up to 43 degrees Celsius. 

The G2 are designed to be super efficient and cheap to run. They have more space inside for the same footprint as other units in their class and claim to use significantly less energy that most – claiming their 600 litre fridge uses less energy than a single light bulb. 

The Slimline is designed to give kitchens with a smaller footprint the option for premium refrigeration. They don’t have the same storage options at the G2, but they maintain the quality are 100mm narrower and 100mm less deep than comparable models in the rest of the range.

All three ranges have a wealth of size options and configurations available – from split door singles to large scale double door units.

Who’s it for? 

These are for larger kitchens where companies are struggling to build in enough refrigeration – with a large double door G2 unit, for example, you can add 1350 litres of storage space.

How does it perform?  

All three ranges are fantastic for what they are and their price tags within the market. All of them are well made from hard wearing stainless steel.  All these machines have removable shelving and door gaskets, making cleaning easy. 

Venting is an important element to consider in professional refrigeration. Rear venting, like domestic machines have, is normally the preserve of cheaper machines – because this can allow heat build up which puts more pressure on the unit’s compressor. Front venting is better, but if it is at ground level it can easily get clogged with dust, again putting pressure on your compressor. The gold standard is top front vented, as this guarantees clear, cool air for the compressor, making your fridge or freezer more efficient. 

Extra has rear venting, Slimline front floor level venting and EcoPro front top and bottom venting.

The Extra are great budget models, but as they are climate class category 4 we’d not recommend having them near to your main cookline in your kitchen, as during the height of summer there’s a danger they could struggle to maintain temperature.  The Slimline and EcoPro, both being Climate Class 5, don’t have that problem.

The Extra offers units that are 600 litres and 1300 litres, the G2 600 and 1,350 litres and the Slimline offers 400litres and 800 litre, along with two glass-fronted units for front of house use.

Fosters are well made and designed for the toughest professional environments. We don’t get many sent back from our hires, and we know they can be depended on.

Whatever your situation, there is an upright unit from Fosters which could do a job for you. They are well made, they are British, giving you peace of mind on getting spares should you need them, and they have an enviable reputation.


These Foster Upright refrigeration units are good units that will boost your refrigerated storage without requiring huge amounts of space. If you need to save money, then the Extra range would be perfect for you, but keep them away from the hottest parts of your kitchen. If space is at a premium, then the Slimline could be a good choice, but remember these machines do have significantly less storage space than normal. The G2 EcoPro units are top-of-the-range and have premiums specs  –  just choose whether you want top or bottom vented machines. 

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