Falcon One Series Induction Review

By Phil Scoble


Induction – it’s a technology that has been around for decades – but is now starting to reach maturity. As with any new tech, prices for induction have, up to now, been very high, so high that induction machines cancel out the energy savings they bring – making it a tough sell for a small business to invest in one.

But with wider adoption, prices start to drop. A couple of firms have released lower cost induction ranges in the last couple of years. Now Falcon have released the Falcon One Series  – a low-cost range that includes a fan assisted convection oven.

What is the Falcon One Series?

Induction is an energy efficient way of cooking using electromagnetism. The tech is cheaper to run than traditional electricity or even gas, and heats up pans quicker than both too. 

The technology has been prohibitively expensive  – although it was first invented in the 1930s, the costs of the units, despite lots of advantages, have meant they have remained a niche product. 

The Falcon One Series is a unit designed for a smaller business, a cafe, or small pub pr restaurant, to dip its toe with induction. They are a lot cheaper than other induction on the market, nearly half the price or more. 

It has six zones – the same as burners – for pots on the top, and a 2/1 GN compatible fan assisted 4kW oven underneath.  The machine comes in two variants –  a single phase and a three phase. The Single phase has two feeds, one for the induction top and one for the oven. The reason we highlight this is both feeds need to be 32amp, and will need to be hard wired in most cases, so do consult a professional before installation. 

Who is the Falcon One Series for?

This is designed to be an entry level machine for smaller businesses that would have liked to invest in induction in the past but were put off by the price. The machines are 900mm wide, which means you need the space normally afforded to a six burner to incorporate it into your business. 

At this price point, there are lots of businesses that could consider using these that haven’t considered induction before.

How does it perform?

Firstly, we need to talk about the generic induction features that will be new to you if you’ve never used induction before. 

Pans: you need the right pans for the machine to work. Induction uses magnetism so you need ferrous materials  – basically not aluminium or copper. 

Heat: this is one of the best by-products of the induction heating system – because the pan is heated by the magnetic field, not the hob, and because as soon as you take the pan off the hob it stops heating, it reduces the amount of heat in a kitchen quite considerably. It also means that the hob top is cool and can be cleaned immediately and easily. 

This model has the standard Falcon hard wearing finish, the hob top is 6mm thick and very tough. 

The motor that drives the induction hobs has a 10,000 hours lifespan.  Remember that the motor will only kick in when a pan is in one of the cooking zones on the hob. This means you can have the hob ‘on’ all day, but it’s only working for four of those hours.  

These machines are simple to use, easy to maintain and built with the same hard wearing quality that Falcon products always are. 


Induction is getting cheaper and Falcon are looking to help cafes, pubs and restaurants to take advantage of its  cost savings and environmental improvements in your kitchen as it gets much cooler. These machines are new, but Falcon has pedigree, so if you want to try out induction, this might be a good choice for your business. 

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