Different Setup for Us – Same service for you: U-Select Operations Update

By Phil Scoble

The world has changed rapidly over the last few days and our team at U-Select have been changing the way they work to ensure that there is as little disruption to our ability to help you as possible.  

We thought, now that we’ve changed how we’re operating, we’d give you a quick update:

We are offering a virtually unchanged service – our team now work remotely (as you can see from the images on this page) but as far as your experience of our service is concerned, nothing has changed:

Contacting the team 

Our phone number remains the same, 01242 663149, and our team are available during normal office hours, 8:30am – 5:30pm. We also still have emergency out of hours cover as well on the same number.

We can also be contacted via our email address, [email protected] or through our on-site chat during office hours. 

If you want to contact a particular sales person and have their personal details, please use these rather than the main contact details above

Tech Support

Our tech support team is contactable on the normal number: 01242 663 056 during office hours. 

We are assessing the way to deal with technical problems on a case by case basis, in line with Government guidelines and our own new operating procedures. 


We are still delivering countrywide to essential businesses and organisations in the retail and public sectors. 

We are following new working practices in line with Government guidelines and our own stringent health and safety policies. We have reviewed all our working practices and set out how they will change in our COVID-19 statement. We are constantly reviewing these policies.

If we are due to deliver to or collect equipment from you, we will follow these guidelines and will contact you beforehand to ensure we protect you and our staff. 

Business Administration

Our Finance Team and contract support personnel are now home working, but are all still contactable and able to carry out their roles, so if you do have a current hire with us, we are still supporting you.

Please bear with us as the team gets used to new working arrangements, and rest assured we will update you immediately if any of our new operating procedures change. 


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