Darcey’s Coffee & Catering Co.

When business partners Rickey Ellson and Craig Warren decided they wanted to create a cafe to be proud of in Sevenoaks, they didn’t cut corners.

The pair converted a jewellers into a destination business in the popular and pretty Kent town themselves. This included a complete revamp of the electrics and creating a striking feature wall from vintage bricks taken from a demolished Sevenoaks chapel.

The pair knew they wanted to create a cafe that had restaurant quality food and drink, and this meant getting their coffee right.

A friend’s recommendation led them to U-Select, and they found dealing with Matt on the sales team a pleasure.

“Matt was brilliant – very helpful and always ready to give us good advice,” said Ricky. “We knew what we needed the machine to do and he gave us a range of examples we could then check out before we made our final choice.”

Thanks to the knowledge of their barista Biff, the pair wanted a top quality coffee machine that would allow them to offer a full range of coffees. Matt suggested the Astoria Sabrina 2 Group machine and the Mazza Super Jolly Grinder to ensure super fresh coffee to their customers.

Craig and Ricky liked the Try It, Buy It finance option, a rental contract over two years that gave them the opportunity to purchase the equipment after 12 months, but puts them under no obligation to purchase at any time.

The team pay weekly for the kit, making it easy to budget, and because it’s a rental agreement they can put the kit down as a taxable expense on their tax returns in this financial year – boosting cash flow and reducing their tax burden in their first year in business.

“We spent a lot of time looking around at different deals and it worked out well for us on a lot of different levels,” said Craig. “But best of all we have some great equipment and we are very happy with the way it helps us serve our customers.”

Project Info

Purchase Option: Try it Buy it, 12 month rental contract

Equipment Supplied:

Faema Two Group Coffee Machine

Faema Coffee Grinder