Coton House Farm Stable Cafe Case Study

Helen and Darren Martin have been running their Coton House Stables Riding School in Whittington, near Lichfield for 25 years. Last year they decided it was time to create a cafe for parents and other visitors.

This was a new venture, and neither of them had experience with catering equipment. They wanted a solution that gave them the chance to try out equipment and get support should anything go wrong with their kit.

They needed a Merrychef e2s rapid cooker, a Francino 2 group coffee machine, a coffee grinder, a dishwasher and a serve-over counter for their Coton House Farm Stables Cafe.

This led them to U-Select, where they dealt with Matt. Matt told them about the Try It Buy It scheme. This allows catering entrepreneurs to rent the equipment they need for a year or more. There’s no obligation to buy or continue the rental after the end of the contract.

It also gave them the chance of buying the items at the end of their rental agreement for a lower price. This let them get to know the equipment before purchasing.

During their year rental, the Martin’s also benefited from U-Select’s excellent support service which gave them peace of mind. But the equipment was so reliable, they didn’t have to use it!

Helen was delighted by the service.

“U-Select are great. The purchase process has been so easy. They have supplied exactly the equipment we needed and we knew they’d have been there at the end of the phone if we’d needed them,” she said. “Try It Buy It is brilliant because we were running a cafe for the first time so wanted the chance to try everything out. The equipment has been excellent, never breaking down, and U-Select have been just fantastic!”

Project Info

Purchase Option: Try it Buy it, 12 month rental contract

Equipment Supplied:

Merrychef e2s Rapid Cooker,

Francino 2 Group Coffee Machine,

Fracino Coffee Grinder,

CEP Dishwasher 

Interlevin Flash Serve Over Counter