U-Select Catering Equipment Review Show, Episode 20: CED Moneymaker MultiDecks

By Phil Scoble


The CED Moneymaker Multidecks featured on our site are unique to U-Select – hard wearing, versatile AND great value for money. You can choose the right size, glass sides and add baskets very easily and rest assured these chilled multidecks will last and last.

They are perfect for cafes and shops where grab and go is a vital part of your offer.


Made from hard wearing steel

Slimline and Standard available

Castors on every model making them easy to move

Good to Know

You need to specify if you want glass sides as you order as these cannot be retro-fitted

CED Moneymakers

The CED MoneyMakers or Chilled Multidecks are great pieces of kit, They are hard wearing because of the way they’ve been built for us by CED.  CED are an internationally renowned company based in Lancashire who make fantastic catering equipment to high specifications.

All the models in this review are on castors and use a 13amp plug.

Merrychef Eikon e2s

There’s lots of choice in connection with the configeration of these units, so for simplicity I’m going to break them into two distinct size types – slimline and standard – slimline are 635mm deep and the standard are 800 mm deep. It’s important to note that due to the space you need for vents and wires out the back will add 50mm to both these widths.

The slimline can take four drinks bottles (coke or fanta grab bottles, or small beer bottles for example) on its shelves, and 6 on its bottom floor. The standard can fit six on its shelves and 8 on its bottom floor.

Each type comes in five widths – 600, 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800 mm.

Now you come on to the different features you can choose to add to your multideck – first off you can choose three or four shelves to go in them – which increases the storage space.

You can also opt to have a nightblind or a rollershutter – the nightblind is the cheaper option, though the lockable rollershutter gives more security.

Another choice you have is to have glass sides to the unit – really useful if it is going on the end of an aisle, giving customers an idea of what it holds as they walk around it.

All of these are options you need to specify before you order.

Merrychef Eikon e2s

After you order you can add extra baskets for the front of the multideck  – which are fantastic to add items that don’t need refrigerating, but do match the n items you have for sale. You see them all over with crisps in or chocolate as part of multi-item deal – they make it quick and easy for customers to get what they want, and maximise the money you make in the shortest possible time.


The CED Moneymaker Multidecks are well made, solid units that have a size and configuration for any business.

They help you add a grab and go offer quickly and easily, which can boost profits for many cafes and casual restaurants.  

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