Blue Seal Cobra Oven Ranges Review

By Phil Scoble


Blue Seal is famous for its Turbofan oven range, and the brand has brought all the design elements that made that brand famous – simple design, great materials, easy to use, and extremely hard-wearing – to the Cobra range of oven ranges. Does this translate into a range that will help your business succeed? We look at what Cobra can offer….

What is the Blue Seal Cobra Oven Range?

The Cobra oven range is made up of four models – all of them are gas, all of them feature a traditional convection oven and all of them have feet in the front and castors on the back, making them a doddle to move around the kitchen when you need to. These are value machines that aims to help caterers and small businesses boost their capacity without breaking the bank. The models start from a two-burner small griddle plate in a 600mm wide unit. Next up is a four burner with the same footprint. The next size up is a 900mm wide four burner with a small griddle, and then, finally is a full six burner which is also 900mm wide.

Who is the Cobra Oven Range for?

The range is perfect for cafes, pubs and smaller restaurants. The models with griddles give you flexibility but the traditional four and six burners are simple and easy to use. These ranges are made to be the workhorse of any kitchen – well made, solid pieces of production kit.

How does the Cobra Oven Range perform?

These are medium duty machines, so they are perfect for smaller establishments like cafes, coffee shops and pubs. As they are made by Blue Seal, they are good quality, great value machines that are very easy to use and maintain. The ovens, in particular, are easy to clean – and easier than many in the market – because they are coated in an enamel lining. These are good machines that have been designed with professional’s in mind – the fittings, like the dials and doors, are hard wearing and very easy to use. These are great value machines that are perfectly suited to the smaller business.


The Cobra Gas ranges have something for every small catering business – the four and two burner models could slip into any small cafe or coffee shop and help them boost their food offer. The larger models could help busier businesses, like pubs or small to medium sized restaurants. The controls are simple and hard wearing, and the machines – especially the ovens – are easy to clean. All in all, the Cobra machines gives great value for business owners – take a look today.

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